What is TokenOne’s support and maintenance policy?

TokenOne does not provide support to the end user direcly, we use a model where our software and solution is sold and supported via our Professional service partners. We then provide our partners with the following.

  1. Phone and email support for TokenOne software and connectors during business hours
  2. For the period of the Software Support, TokenOne also provides software updates and patches to the Customer when required
  3. The Professional Services Partner assigned will provide Level 1 and 2 support to the Customer and TokenOne will provide Level 3 support to the Professional Services Partner
  4. The Professional Services Partner will respond to all urgent matters within 24 hours and non urgent matters within 48 hours of receipt of a support request
  5. Token One will provide via the Professional Services Partner help solutions that the Customer can also access through this FAQ portal (without the aid of the Help Desk Support or formal ticketing).  This support will include User Help Sheets for both the Registration and Authentication processes and instructional videos for these two processes and training materials.